South Africa Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Allen Ainslie & Thai Post

South Africa & Thailand Joint Issue: Elephants

South Africa Postal Service has issued two new stamps with a postage value of 3.35R named "Elephants" on the 9th of December 2003. These stamps are being issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of diplomatic relation between South Africa & Thailand. Since the agreement, the two countries have enjoyed successful and cordial relation and co-operations in various fields. To celebrate this historical relationship, the South African Post Office and Thai Post have jointly issued these elephant stamps.
The South African Elephant shown left above is a Loxondota-Africana named Mafunyana. Mafunyana (the irritable one) is the name given by the Tsonga people to this legendary elephant bull. Its tusks were perfectly matched, each weighing 55,1 kg with 48 cm in circumference, and reaching to the ground.
The Thai elephant shown above right is the national symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand, It appears in many Thai proverbs and sayings and it is an emblem on items of national importance. There is a strong relationship between the Thai people and elephants as they are intelligent, hard working and provide transport for many people.

"South Africa & Thailand Joint Issue: Elephants" stamps can be purchased as a single set of 2, Sheets of 10, or FDC. The size of each stamp is approx. 47.5 mm x 30.0 mm with a perforation of 14.

South Africa & Thailand Joint Issue: Elephants FDC

South Africa & Thailand Joint Issue: Elephants FDC Stamp

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