South Africa Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Ellena Schmitz

Tail-Wagging, Four-Legged Friends

The South Africa Postal Service has issued a four new stamps that have a standard postage value named "Tail-wagging, Four-legged Friends" on the 1st of August 2003. These new stamps depict four different southern African dogs. Each of the dogs shown on the stamps are listed as follows:

  • Africanis (Top Right) - this dog originated in Africa and is medium in size with a muscular slender-built. Its ears are natural semi-erect or drooping and its coat adapts to the seasons. Available in a variety of colors the dog is very friendly towards humans and displays strong territorial behavior.
  • Rhodesian ridgeback (Top Left) - this dog originated in South Africa and Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia). It is great for big game hunting and is used to track, chase and confront a lion. Because of its ability to hunt a lion, it earn the nickname "African lion hound". It can also be trained as a guide dog for the blind. A very gentle dog that rarely barks can be recognized by its distinctive ridge along the center of its back.
  • Boerboel (Bottom Right) - this dog originated in South Africa. An exceptionally good house dog that can be trained to protect, hunt, and guard. It can be recognized by its large heavy build with a square head and short smooth coat.
  • Basenji (Bottom Left) - this dog originated in the Congo. It was used as a hunting dog for flushing game into nets. It is a small, short hair dog that hunts using it site and scent. It can be recognized by its wrinkled forehead, tightly curled tail, and very fine short coat.

The "Tail-wagging, Four-legged Friends" stamps can be purchased as a single set, Control block, Full sheet or a Commemorative envelope. The stamp size is 34.71mm x 34.71mm.

Tail-Wagging, Four-Legged Friends Commemorative Envelope

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