South Africa Postal Service 2003 Issue
Design by Peter Sibanda

Aids Prevention Issue

The South African Postal Service has issued a new booklet of 10 stamps each with the standard postage rate named "Aids Prevention" on the 29th of November 2003. The stamps are being issued to reinforce the Aids Prevention Message. Because HIV/Aids has become the greatest health challenge the modern world has ever faced. It is currently one of the most devastating diseases affecting the health of millions throughout the world. The South African Post Office has taken on the challenge to help educate the people to combat HIV/Aids. The Aids prevention message is depicted by symbols that are associated with the message such as the Aids ribbon, candles, Human gestures and slogans. The Aids ribbon has been used extensively on the stamps since it is a universal symbol of hope in the fight against this disease. It also offers symbolic support for those living with Aids and for raising continued awareness among those not infected.
South Africa is one of the countries most severely affected by Aids in the world. It is estimated that 4.74 million individuals are now infected with HIV despite the intensive HIV prevention programmes that are in place. The number of individual infected must tell us that the word is not getting out about the disease and that everyone in the world must work together to help end this pandemic.

The Aid Prevention stamps can be purchased in a Booklet of 10. Each stamp size measures 30 mm x 24 mm and the book size is 150 mm x 648 mm. The stamps will be printed by House of Questa using 130 gsm Backer Self-Adhesive paper. The perforation size for each stamp is 14 and a quantity of 220,000 will be printed.

Aids Prevention Stamp Booklet Cover

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