South Africa Postal Service 2002 Issue
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The South African postal service will issue three new stamps on the 26th of August 2002. The stamps are being issued to inform people about the World Summit being held in Johannesburg. It will start on the 26th of August and end on the 4th of September 2002. The Summit will address the challenges facing our planet on Sustainable Development. The three stamp depict:

  • Agriculture, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management - is depicted by a plant in a cusped hand to symbolize both agriculture and the nurturing of the ecosystem.
  • Water and Energy - is depicted here by presenting a person in a rural setting having access to clean tap-water and electricity to the houses in the area.
  • Environment and its influence on health - Illustrated here is an energizing natural setting with a child embracing beautiful clean global environment, which revolves around air, water and the natural environment, since all of these have an influence on the ability of the earth’s people to have healthy lives. A healthy planet brings prosperity.
The stamps can be purchase as a set (mint or canceled), controlled block set (mint or canceled), sheet of 10 (mint or canceled) or a commemorative Envelop.

FDC and view of Cancel Stamp

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