South Africa Postal Services 2005 Issue
Design by Chris van Rooyen

Small Indigenous Animals

South Africa Postal Service has issued a new stamp sheet with six stamps that each have a postage value of Standard Postage named "Small Indigenous Animals" on the 15th of July 2005. This sheet is being issued to bring awareness about the small mammals found in South Africa. An explanation of each animal depicted on these stamps is listed below:

  • Lesser bushbaby (Left side) - found in the savanna woodlands and the provinces of Limopop, Mpumalanga and Botswana. The Lesser bushbaby has a gray to gray-brown colored body with a whitish-gray underpart and dark circles around its eyes. It lives mostly in the trees and feeds on insects, scorpions, and small reptiles.
  • Riverine Rabbit (Top 2nd Right) - is an endangered mammal found in the dense riverine scrub along the seasonal rivers in the Central Karoo Desert. It feeds at night and mainly eats flowers, leaves and grass.
  • African Wildcat (Top 3rd Right) - is similar in size to the domestic cat. Its color ranges from reddish to yellowish to brownish and has a faint stripes and spots. It usually lives where the food supply is abundant and feeds on mice and rats.
  • Steenbok (Botton 2nd Right) - is a small antelope found in the southern and eastern savanna of Africa. It is reddish-brown to a light reddish fawn color with a dark patch above its nose. They feed in the early hours and eat grass, roots and tubers of some plants.
  • Cape Fox (Bottom 3rd Right) - a small canid found in the grassland areas of Southern Zimbabwe to the Cape Province. Its color is usually gray or silver with reddish upper limbs, head and ears with a long bushy tail. They feed on small mammals, insects, carrion and also fruits.
  • Yellow Mongoose (Right side) - is one of the smaller mongoose species found in the grassland and scrublands of Southern Africa. It has a yellowish coat and feeds on small insects and small invertebrate animals.

"Small Indigenous Animals" stamp can be purchased as a stamp set, Sheets of 6, Control Block, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 2 @ 24.3mm x 60.00mm, 2 @ 24.3mm x 30mm, 2 @ 48.6mm x 30mm and the sheet size is 145.5mm x 90mm. The perforation size for each stamp is 14. The stamps will be printed by Southern Color Print Limited, New Zealand using the Offset Lithography printing process with 103 gram per meter square PVA gum stamp paper . A quantity of 30,000 sheetlets of 6 will be Printed:

Small Indigenous Animals FDC

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