South Africa Postal Services 2005 Issue
Artwork by Bureau of Heraldry

National Orders of South Africa

South Africa Postal Service has issued six new stamps with postage values for International Airmail Letter Rate named "National Orders of South Africa" on the 26th of April 2005. The stamps depict the National Orders which is highest form of recognition that the South African Government can bestows on deserving persons. They are presented by the State President who is the Grand Patron of National Orders. To create awareness about these national Orders, the South African Post Office has issued these six new stamps listed below:

  • The Order of Mapungubwe (Top Left) - awarded to South African Citizens for excellence and exceptional achievement on the international stage. The award was create in recognition of the Mapungubwe Kingdom which existed in Limpopo 2000 years ago. These innovated people developed agriculture, Mining, advanced metallurgy industry, and mastered the plastic arts.
  • The Order of Mendi for Bravery (Top Middle) - awarded to South African Citizens who performed acts of bravery any where in the world. The award is presented in either gold, Silver or bronze. Which one of these metals awarded will depends on the circumstances.
  • The Order of Boabab (Top Right) - awarded to South African Citizens for exceptional and distinguished contributions in a variety of areas including the following: Nation building, Peace, Literature, The arts, Business, Science, and Technology.
  • The Order of Luthuli (Bottom Left) - awarded to South African who have made a meaningful contribution to the struggle for Democracy, Human rights, Nation building, Justice and Peace, and Conflict resolution. It was created to honor Albert Luthuli the first African recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961
  • Order of Ikhamanga (Bottom Middle) - awarded to South African Citizens who excelled in arts, culture, Literature, Music, Journalism, and Sports.
  • The Order of the Companion of O.R. Tambo (Bottom Right) - awarded to foreign government or states who show friendship to South Africa through Peace, co-operation and an active expression of solidarity and support. O.R. Tambo represented the oppressed people of South Africa abroad and played a major role in growth and development of the international movement of solidarity against racism and apartheid.

"National Orders of South Africa" stamps can be purchased as a set of six, Control block, Sheetlets of 6, or FDC Envelope. The size of each stamp is 29 x 37.50mm and the size of each sheelet is 117 x 105mm. The perforation size of each stamp is 14.5 x 14. The stamps will be printed by Southern Color Print Limited, New Zealand using the Offset Lithography printing process with 103 gram gum PVA paper. Special visual features will include gold foil and Embossed paper. A quantity of 30,000 Sheetlets will be printed.

National Orders of South Africa FDC Envelope

National Orders of South Africa FDC Stamp

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