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South Africa Postal Service has issued a set of 10 new stamps on the 6th of September 2001. The stamp set features 10 natural wonders of South Africa and is named "Natural wonders of South Africa." These 10 wonders feature some of South Africa's best tourist attractions. Each stamp is explained as follows:

Augrabies Waterfall - Located on the Orange river the water falls about 60 meters. A variety of birds, reptiles, and animals live their including the endangered Black rhino.
Cango Caves - are located in the Swartberg Mountain range in the Northern Cape Province. It is in a limestone belt that is 1.5 Km in width and almost 16 km in length. It formed about 10,000 years ago, and it is said that these caves were once used as a shelter by the Khoisan people nearly 500 years ago.
Zebra - this stamp features the Cape mountain zebra which is the second largest in South Africa. As its name indicates, it inhabits the mountain ranges of the southern and southeastern Cape. These areas are now protected conservation areas usually located in parks and nature reserves.
Snow-covered mountains - These mountains are located near village of Elliot in the Eastern Cape. They are covered with snow every year, and in some areas as deep as two meters. Adventurers can enjoy snow skiing at the nearby Rhodes when the slopes of Ben MacDhui, the highest mountain in the Cape Province, are covered with snow.
Knysna Forest - South Africa's Southern Cape is an area of great natural beauty. With its mountains, deep ravines, and rugged coastline, the Southern Cape has also become known as the Garden Route. At the heart of all this lies the Knysna Forest. With its prime woodlands, it forms the single largest remnant of the Afro-montane that once covered the eastern seaboard of the African continent.
Namaqualand flowers - is a well known place for annual mass display of wild flowers in spring and for its variety of plants. Their are over 3500 species of flowers in the area, which is also populated with many species of Amphibians, reptiles and mammals. Its a paradise for people who love flowers and animals.
Richtersveld Desert - is a desert with high mountains and dramatic landscapes. Located near the Orange river and partly in Richtersveld National Park. It has an incredible variety of plants, some of which are unique to the area. With almost 200 species of birds, the park is also a bird watcher's paradise.
West Coast sea and beach - South Africa's West Coast stretches from Blaauwberg in the Southern Cape Province, to Alexander Bay on the Namaqualand provincial border. Thousands of seabirds and fish live in the region. In the winter, it is a rainfall region with rain occurring mainly form May to August. The summers are dry with distinctive early morning mists.
Table Mountains - Located near Cape Town is a must for any visitor. Its breathtaking views stretch form Table bay and False Bay, to the Hout Bay Valley and Kommetjie. The mountain is mainly sandstone and rises 1,086 meters above the bay. It has a flat summit that is nearly three kilometers from end to end. A revolving Carriage is used to give tourist a spectacular tour of the mighty mountain area. An average of 600,000 people a year visit the area.
Southern Cape wine lands - The wine lands are surrounded by mountain ranges where historic towns and villages nestle. Fruit grown here is distributed all around the world, and the Mediterranean climate produces some of the best wines in the country.
The Natural wonders of South Africa stamps can be purchase as a single mint or canceled set, two First Day Commemorative Envelope, or 10 Airmail Post Rate cards. The size of each stamps is 48 x 30,45 mm. The printing process for the stamps is Offset Litho in sheets of 10 with a measurement of 14 for perforation size. The total quantity of 60,000 sheets will be printed with PVA Gum.

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