by Hein Botha

South African Postal Service has issued 2 new stamps on the 23rd day of August 2001. The stamps honor those soldiers who work behind the battle lines to tend to and heal the wounded soldiers. The stamp set is named "THE ANGELS OF MERCY." This set is the third in the series commemorating the Anglo-Boer/South African War. The Reverend Dominee J D Kestess and Dr. Tommy Crean are the two healers shown on the stamps. Each was decorated for the following heroic deeds.
Reverend Dominee J D Kestell was a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church. He accompanied the Boer commandos and tended to their spiritual needs. He also nurse both Boer and British wounded soldiers. He is depicted on the R1.40 stamp
Dr Tommy Crean was a British medical doctor who was decorated for bravery under fire, insisting on tending to the wounded regardless of the threat to his own safety. He is depicted on the R3.00 stamp.
A special commemorative envelope is presented with this issue. It has two metals printed on it. One is for loyal service and the other is the Victoria Cross for Valor.

This issue can be purchase as singles, sheets, FDC's or the special commemorative envelope. The printing process used to print the stamps is Offset Lithography. Perforation size is 13.25 and the stamp size is 36mm x 36mm. The stamp paper has a 7% green yellow phosphor coated tag and the gum type is PVA.

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