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San Marino Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Irio Ottavio Fantini

Rugby World Cup

The San Marino Postal Service has issued four new stamps that have postage values of 0.41, 0.62, 0.77, and 1.55 Euro named "Rugby World Cup" on the 15th of September 2003. The four stamps are the first ever issued for this sport by San Marino, and each stamp issued represent a sort of freeze frame of a few passages of the game. The World Cup will be held in Australia this year between October 10 and November 22. Some of the countries that will participate will be the Italians, Canada, Tonga, Australia, France, South Africa, New Zealand, Wales, England, Scotland and Argentina. Elimination games will begin October 10 with Australia playing Argentina and last to November 2. The quarter finals will be held on November 8 and 9, the semifinals on the 15 and 16 and the finals on November 20 and November 22. The two 2 semifinals and the 2 final games will be played in the Australia Stadium in Sydney (where the Olympics were held in 2000).

The "Rugby World Cup" stamps can be purchased as a single stamp set, Sheets of 20, FDC and other stamp variation. The size of each gummed stamp is 28.5mm x 40mm and the size of a sheet is 188.5mm x 171mm. The perforation size is 13. The stamps will printed by Carter Security Printing using the Offset printing process. A total of 130,000 sets will be printed.

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