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San Marino Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Franco Testa

Champion Race Horses

The San Marino Postal Service has issued four new stamps that have postage values of 0,11 - 0,15 - 0,26 and 1,55 Euro named "Champion RaceHorses" on the 18th of March 2003. The stamps depict four champion race horses named: Molvedo, Tornese, Ribot and Varenne. These stamps are being issued to celebrate the sport of kings and is becoming more and more popular with the Italian, European and international public today. The sport roots go way back to the 1920's in San Marino. In those days, the most important personalities of social life of the times could generally be found at the races. Two of the most popular Italian race courses at that time were San Siro and Capannelle. Winning at these horse races, particularly flat racing, was a sign of superiority for the gentlemen of the time, a touch of distinction you could say. The general public of middle classes and lower classes also expressed its passion for the races by identifying itself with this or that important stable. Horse racing is a growing and exciting sport that people from all over the world enjoy. In the United States of America the Kentucky Derby is a famous horse race.

The "Champion RaceHorses" stamps can be purchased as a Single mint set, Sheets of 20, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 28.5mm x 40mm with all sides having a 13 perforation size. The stamps will be printed by Cartor Security Printing using the offset printing process. A quantity of 130,000 will be printed.

Champion Race Horses FDC Stamp

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