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San Marino Postal Services 2007 Issue
Design by Valerio Pradal

An Artist's Story: Gina Lollobrigida Tells About Her Life

San Marino Postal Service will issued a new 4 stamp set that has postage values of 0.65, 0.85, 1.00 and 3.20 Euros named "An Artist's Story: Gina Lollobrigida Tells About Her Life" on the 23rd of January 2007. Gina Lollobrigida is known as a famous film actress, photo reporter and sculptor. She describes her life with some of her best works and memories with this stamp issue. Each is described below:

  • Gina's Self Portrait (0.65 Euro) - was made in 1987 when she was attending the Academy of Art in Rome.
  • Gina's Photographic work (0.85 Euro) - Gina considers this shot of the "Potato Seller" taken in Benares in 1973 as her best.
  • Gina's Sculpture work (1.00 Euro) - this stamp shows Esmeralda, a 5.5 meter high bronze sculpture made by her in 2002. The stamps also features a film shot of here in the movie "Notre-Dame de Paris" made in 1956.
  • Gina with Mother Teresa (3.20 Euro) - in March 1990 Gina met with Mother Teresa in Calcutta and they work together on the sleeve and foreword of the book "The Wonder of Innocence".

"An Artist's Story: Gina Lollobrigida tells about her like" stamps can be purchased as a set of 4, Sheets of 12, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 30mm x 40mm with a Perforation size of 13 using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Cartor Security Printing using the Offset Printing process. The quantity printed will be 120,000 sets.

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