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Design by Franco Filanci

San Marino Postal Service has issued 2 new stamps on the 18th day of October 2001. The stamps feature the Euro as the new currency for the country. The old currency the Lira will be replaced by the Euro by February 28, 2002. Many other European countries such as Finland, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, France, and others are also converting their currency to the Euro. A brief description of the stamp set is listed below.

Coins on the 1200 Lira (0.62 Euro) Stamp

San Marino: 1000 Lira, 2001
Finland: 10 Marks, 1996
Germany: 2 Marks, 1995
Italy: 100 Lira, 1989
Spain: 50 pesetas, 1998
Belgium: 20 Francs. 1996
Ireland: 20 Pence, 1996
Spain: 25 Pesetas, 1998
Luxemburg: 20 Francs, 1981
France: 20 Francs, 1993
Europe: 1 Euro, 2002
Banknotes on the 2400 Lira (1.24 Euro) Stamp
Italy: 50.000 Lira, Benvenuto Cellini
Greece: 50 Drachma, Aretusa
Portugal: 100 Scudos, Manuel Maria Barbosa du Bocage
Austria: 20 Shillings, Moritz-Michael Daffinger
Spain: 1.000 Pesetas, Hernan Cortes
Holland: 10 Gulden, Technology
Germany: 5 Marks, Bettina von Arnim
Europe: 100 Euros, Portal
The two San Marino Postal Service stamps can be purchase as a mint set, canceled set, sheet of 20, or First Day Cover. The size of each stamp is 28.5 x 40 mm. The perforation size is 13 x 13 and a quantity of 120,000 sets will be printed. The printing process for the stamps is Offset.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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