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Royal Mail Postal Service 2003 Issue
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Transports of Delight

The Royal Mail Postal Service will issue a new Mini-sheet that has five stamps with various postage values named "Transports of Delight" on the 18th of September 2003. This new Mini-sheet honors the craftsmen who made quality toys in the early and late 1900's. Each of the toys depicted in the stamps above and its inventor is listed as follows:

  • Meccano construction kits, (1st)
  • - these toy construction kits were create by Frank Hornby who was know as the undisputed King of English Toymaking. He patented this idea in 1901.
  • Hornby tin trains,
  • (42p) - in 1920 Frank Hornby gave his name to his tin train line. The M1 Locomotive and Tender depicted on the stamp was noted for its clockwork mechanism which was capable of reversing. It sold for a modest 23 pence.
  • Dinky Toys,
  • (47p) - created by Frank Hornby in the 1930s. These toys were made of die-cast. They were introduced into the market as railway accessories, but soon became popular toys and collectibles. These toys featured cars, Trucks, Military vehicles, aircraft, ships and more.
  • Metal Toys,
  • (E) - were being manufacture by Wells-Brimtoy in 1914 during the war with Germany. The toys were built at night using scrap metals. Wells-Brimtoy survived until 1965, weathering the bombing of two factories in the Blitz along the way.
  • Mettoy,
  • (68p) - was set up by German refugees Phillip Ullman and Arthur Katz in 1933, producing numerous clockwork tin trucks and aircraft. Mettoy was later the first to add molded plastic features to its die-cast toys and to replace clockwork with the fiction motor.

The "Transports of Delight" Mini-sheet can be purchased as a single mini-sheet, set of 5 stamps, FDC or Presentation Pack. The size of each stamp is 41mm x 30mm with a stamp perforation size of 14 x 14.5. The stamps will be printed by Joh. Enschede using the Gravure printing process.

Transports of Delight FDC

Transposts of Delight Presentation Pack

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