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Royal Mail Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed and Photograph by Stephen Dalton

Captured on the Wing
Barn Owl

Royal Mail Postal Service has issued ten new stamps on the 14th of January 2003 named "Captured on the wing." Each of the ten stamps features two birds of prey captured with high speed photographs in ten different positions while in flight. The two birds captured are the Barn Owl and the Kestrel falcon. An insight into each is as follows:

BARN OWL - is usually found on farmland where the land is unkept and grassy. The Owl usually builds its nest in hollow trees, buildings, towers, or old hawk nests. It usually hunts small objects (such as rodents, mice and shrews) either in flight, on a fencepost, or on some other elevated object. They are about 30 to 40 centimeters (12" to 16") long, with feathers white to gray or yellowish to brownish orange. Their eyes are small in comparison with those of other owls and dark-colored. The Barn Owl can be found world-wide except in Antarctica and Micronesia.
Kestrel Falcon - is the UK's most widespread bird of prey and is easily recognizable by its habit of persistent hovering. It is the only small British bird to do this. Kestrels are fairly silent birds but can be very vocal around nesting sites. Their regular call is a high-pitched "Kee-Kee-Kee-Kee." They are found on farmland, open country, and cities. It hunts its prey by watching and then pouncing on them from a high position, such as a telephone pole or tree branch.
The Captured on the wing stamps can be purchased as a single set, FDC, or Presentation Pack. Each of the stamps measures 37 mm(wide) x 35 mm(high) with a perforation size of 14 x 14.5. Each sheet contain 60 stamps or 6 Se-Tenant sets. The Walsall Security Printers will print these stamps using the Lithography printing process with PVA adhesive paper. Phosphor tagging will be incorporated into the white and black backgrounds of the stamps.
Captured on the Wing
Kestrel Falcon

Captured on the Wing FDC & Presentation Pack

FDC Stamp

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