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Royal Mail Postal Service will issue the first of a series of Nobel Prize stamp sets on the 2nd day of October 2001. The stamps will honor some of the famous British Nobel Prize winners over the last hundred years. This set will celebrate the six categories of Nobel Prizes, and the history of British scientific and academic achievement. This Nobel Prize stamp set contains a whole range of firsts for British stamps. From holograms to a scented stamp and text you can only read by Microscope. Each stamp issued in the set is explain in the following:
Chemistry (2nd Class NVI, 19p) - A carbon 60 molecule. Heat from your finger reveals an ion trapped within. Sir Howard Kroto was awarded a Nobel Prize for discovery of this class of molecule.
Economic Sciences (1st Class NVI, 27p) - A world view in Intaglio.
Peace (E Rate NVI, 37p) - Perhaps the best known of the Nobel Prizes and in many ways the most noble, represented by a white dove.
Physiology or Medicine (40p) - This is the first scented stamp issued by Royal Mail. It emits the unique medicinal smell of eucalyptus.
Literature (45p) - The Nobel winner for 1948, TS Eliot, has his entire poem, "The Addressing of Cats" micro-printed on this stamp!
Physics (65p) - A holographic foil image of a boron molecule. Dennis Gabor was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1971 for Holography.
This issue can be purchase as a single set , presentation pack, Nobel Prize postbag , or First Day Cover (FDC). The process used to make each stamp is:
  • Second Class stamp: Thermochromic
  • First Class stamp: Intaglio
  • E-rate stamp: Embossing
  • 40p stamp: Scented
  • 45p: Micro printing
  • 65p: Hologram

The Perforation size of each stamp is 14.5 x 14, with a size of 37mm x 35mm. A fine addition to any stamp collection.

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