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Norway Postal Services 2006 Issue
Designed by Sverre Morken

Norse Mythology II

Norway Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet that has two stamps with postage values of A (6.00 NOK), and 10.50 NOK named "Norse Mythlogy II" on the 29th of March 2006. This is a second issue of a three part series. The first issued in 2004 and the third to be issued in 2008. The stamps depict a Sami Shaman's drum with its runic symbols and a detail door panel from Hylestad Stave Church. Each is describe in detail as follows:

  • Shaman's drum - was used by the Sami joik to travel to the spirit world. It was said that the sound of the drum would help the shaman fall into a trance and then enter the sprit world. The drum depicted is from Finnmark. It has five horizontal section which include a reindeer, churches, demons, fire, moon, churchgoers and a large pan. The large pan has souls of humans which are being boiled in hell.
  • Door Panel from Hylestad Stave Church - now located in the Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo depicts the dragon, Fafnir. The story of Fafnir the dragon tell us that the dragon was really the son of the mysterious Hreidmar. A father and son who were skilled in the art of witchcraft. The story is filled with greed and murder. It ends with Fafnir in a form of a dragon guarding his gold who is confronted and killed by a dragon slayer. Who took the gold for himself.
"Norse Mythology II" mini-sheet can be purchase as a mini-sheet, Presentation Pack, Collector's set, Collector's sheet, or FDC. It will be printed by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands using the Offset Printing process. A quantity of 275,00 Miniature Sheets will be printed.

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