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Norway Postal Services 2009 Issue
Designed by Enzo Finger

Global Warming

Norway Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with 2 stamps with a postage value of 8 NOK named "Global Warming" on the 20th of February 2009. This mini-sheet is being issued to remind the public of the dangers we all face due to Global Warming. Scientists studies have concluded that the earth temperature has risen considerably since 1975, and their opinion is that it is due to human activity. What is the cause of Global Warming? Greenhouse gases such as CO2 prevent radiated heat from escaping from the atmosphere. A list of what areas of the world will be effected is listed below:

  • Melting of the polar icecaps
  • Increasing desertification
  • Shrinkage of the permafrost area
  • Decrease in the area available for agriculture
  • Expansion of tropical rainforest climate areas
  • Rising sea levels
  • More variable and extreme weather conditions
Scientist have not be able to prove that man-made CO2 emissions are the most important cause of build-up in the atmosphere. There are also other natural factors that can cause the earth's temperature to rise. But isn't is enough to know that it is part of the problem, and we should do all we can to limit it.

"Global Warming" stamps can be purchased as a mini-sheet, Presentation pack, Collectors set, Collector's sheet or FDC. It will be printed by Royal Jon. Enschede, Netherlands using the Offset printing method. A total of 225,000 mini-sheets will be printed.

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