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Norway Postal Services 2008 Issue
Design by Hilde Hannestad Wulff & Jom O. Jontvedt

Norway Tourist Stamps 2008

Norway Postal Service has issued 6 new stamps with postage values of 7, 9, and 11 NOK named "Tourist Stamps" on the 12th of April 2008. The six stamps depict some of the most popular tourist sites in Norway. Each is described in the list below:

  • Oslo Harbor (Top Left) - this stamp depicts the Oslo City Hall which is the political and administrative heart of Oslo City. It is visited by nearly 100,000 guests and tourists every year. Its two towers stand at 66 and 63 meters high. The bell on top of the east tower plays tunes every hour on the hour from 7am to 12pm each day
  • Divers (Top Right) - this stamp features Vaterland Park which opened in 1994 and is located in the city center by the Aker River. The stamp depicts Ola Enstad's Divers that can be seen hanging over the river.
  • Sunnmore Alps (Middle Left) - located in the county of More og Romsdal. These mountains provide the ultimate experience for hikers and climbers. The peaks of these mountains are as high as 1700 meters above sea level and they line both sides of the fjord. Depicted on the stamp is the 15 meter high pinnacle that has become a favorite for tourist. Climbers love to be photographed in celebration when they reach the narrow top of this pinnacle.
  • Kjerag Boulder (Middle Right) - located at the end of the kjerag plateau is an fjord where the vertical rocky walls rise almost 1000 meters. These are the highest and most spectacular cliff top in the area. The Kjerag Boulder is suspended in the air about 900 meters above the fjord. Two men standing on the Kjerag Boulder are depicted on the stamp.
  • Lyngor Lighthouse (Bottom Left) - finished in 1879 this lighthouse was almost not built. The authorities at first were against it. But the people in the area with money and contacts took action within the government and won the fight to build it. Today we call that lobbying!
  • Lyngor(Bottom Right) - in the days of sailing ships Lyngor was one of the most important harbors on the Skagerrak coast. Today it is a popular place to spend ones holiday. The islands are vehicle-free and boats are the only means of transportation.

"Tourist Stamps" can be purchased in booklets of 10, Presentation pack, Collector's set, Collector's sheet or FDC. They will be printed by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands using the Photogravure printing process. The quantity of each printed is listed below:

  • Priority Domestic (top 2 stamps) 1.5 million booklets
  • Priority Europe (middle 2 stamps) 500,000 booklets
  • Priority World (bottom 2 stamps) 300,000 booklets

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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