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Norway Postal Services 2008 Issue
Design by Inger Sandved Anfinsen

Norway Wildlife III

Norway Postal Service has issued 3 new stamps with postage values of 11.00, 14.00 and 23.00 NOK named "Wildlife in Norway III" on the 21st of February 2008. This is the third issue of Wildlife in Norway to be issued since 2006. Wildlife in Norway II was issued on the 21 February 2007 and Wildlife in Norway 1 was issued on the 29th March 2006. This new issues depicts 3 of Norway's wildlife animals, the wolf, Bear and elk. Each is described in the list below:

  • Elk (11 NOK) - also know in Norway as "king of the forest". It has a highly developed sense of smell, hearing and sight. It is the largest species of deer and grows very quickly. At birth it weights about 12 kg (26 pound). A year later it will weight about 135 kg (296 pounds). At age 6 it will reach its maximum weight of about 700 kg (1535 pounds).
  • Bear (14 NOK) - is brown in color and is considered a medium-size bear. When full grown it weights about 350 kg (767 pounds) and spends most of its time searching for food. In autumn, the bear builds up considerable reserves of body fat in preparation for winter hibernation. When the first snow falls it goes into hibernation. Its body temperature falls about 4 to 5 degrees; and its heart rate falls from 40-60 to 8-12 heartbeats per minute. It eats berries and meat and is powerful enough to bring down an elk.
  • Wolf (23 NOK) - lives on meat all year round. It has highly developed senses of smell and hearing which it uses for hunting. When it is full grown it weights about 30 to 60 kg (65 - 132 pounds). Most wolfs live in packs of about 4 or 5.

"Wildlife in Norway III" stamps can be purchased as singles, Sheets of 50, Collector's sheet, Collector's set, Presentation Pack or FDC's. They will be printed by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands using the Offset printing process.

Norway Wildlife III FDC

Norway Wildlife III Collector's Sheet

Norway Wildlife III Presentation Pack

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