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Norway Postal Services 2007 Issue
Design by Enzo Finger

Marine Life in Norway V

Norway Postal Service has issued a new stamp with a postage value of 11.00 NOK named "Marine Life in Norway V" on the 2nd of May 2007. This stamp depicts an Atlantic Mackerel that is found alone the south and west coasts of Norway. It can reach a length of 60cm and weight as much as 3.5kg. It has a muscular body that can swim very fast and is easy to recognize with its distinctive dark blue bands on a green background and silvery white underbelly. It travels in large shoals and lives near the upper water in the summer time and deep waters of 200-250 meters in the winter. When fried or smoked mackerel is a tasty fish and with its high content of Omega 3 is also a very healthy food.

"Marine Life in Norway V" stamps can be purchased as singles, coils of 100, Presentation Pack, Collector's set, Collectors sheet, or FDC. They will be printed by Royal Joh. Enschede, Netherlands using the Photogravure printing process.

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