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New Posthorn stamps

The Norway Postal Service has issued two new Posthorn stamps on the 11th of February 2002. The new Posthorn stamps add to the never ending series of Posthorn stamps issued by Norway. The first Posthorn stamp was designed by the famous artist and architect Andreas Friedrich Wilheim von Hanno in 1872. He was born in Germany and moved to Norway to help build the Trinity church that still stands today. Each stamp shown above has the famous Posthorn image with a value of 5 and 9 Kroner. These two stamp are also available in a Gift set shown below. The gift set includes 15 others Posthorn stamps. Also shown below is the complete 1991 to 2002 Posthorn series of stamps. These famous Posthorn stamps have always been a must have for Norway stamp collectors. Get yours today.

The Posthorn stamps can be purchase as a single mint or cancel stamp, First Day Cover, Presentation pack, Collector's set, or they can be purchase in a gift set as explained earlier. The stamps are printed on sheets of 100 using the Offset printing process.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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