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New Zealand Postal Services 2006 Issue
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Gold Rush

New Zealand Postal Service will issue five new stamps that have postage values of 45c, 90c, $1.35, $150 and $2.00 named "Gold Rush" on the 6th of September 2006. The stamps are being issued to remember the Gold Rush in New Zealand in the 1800's. A time when many hopeful prospectors flooded New Zealand with the dreams of becoming rich. Each of the stamps is described as follows:

  • Gold Panning (45 Cents) - shows a picture of a miner panning for gold. The stamps has been treated with a special thermographic ink that enables gold nuggets in the pane to become visible when you rub the gold pan with your finger.
  • Kuranui Thames (90 Cents) - gold was discovered here by a prospector named William Hunt on the 10th August 1867.
  • Tuapeka Otago ($1.35) - another gold strike was found here and attracted thousands of Chines immigrants.
  • Roxburgh ($1.50) - the stamp depicts a coach, policemen and Bank of New Zealand staff. These was some of the security measures used by miners to protect their gold.
  • Dunedin ($2.00) - was Otago's principal port during the gold rush. Population swelled from 2,400 to 16,000 in 1864.

"Gold Rush" can be purchased as a set of 5, Mini-sheet, Presentation Pack, Various Blocks, Sheets of 25, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 30mm x 40mm with a perforation size of 14 per 2cm reference. The stamps will be printed by Southern Colour Print, Dunedin using the Offset Lithography Printing process with Tullis Russell 104gms paper.

Gold Rush Mini-sheet

Gold Rush FDC's

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