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New Zealand Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Michel Tuffery, Wellington, New Zealand

50 Years of Friendship: New Zealand and Samoa

The New Zealand Postal Service has issued five new stamps that have postage values of 70c, $1.40, $1.90, $2.40 and $2.90 named "50 Years of Friendship: New Zealand and Samoa" on the 1st of August 2012. These stamps are being issued to celebrate the 1962 treaty of friendship that has created a 50 year bound between New Zealand and Samoa. These new stamps features a view of a selu tuiga: a head comb that takes the shape of a traditional tulga. A Tulga is a Samoan Headdress that is worn at important events by the Manaia (son) or the taupou daughter of the high chief of the village. Each of the stamps and their names are listed below:

  • 70c - Fu'a - is the Samoan word for flag.
  • $1.40 - Niu is the Samoan word for coconut tree.
  • $1.90 - Maota is the name of the Courthouse building that is 110 years old.
  • $2.40 - Tatau is motifs and patterns that are taken from nature.
  • $2.90 - Malumalu means church building and the Catholic Churches

"50 Years of Freindship: New Zealand and Samoa" stamps can be purchase as a set of 5, Miniature sheet, Presentation Pack, Sheets of 25, various blocks, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 30mm x 40mm. They were printed by Southern Colour Print Ltd. using the four color offset lithography printing process with Tullis Russell 104gsm gummed paper.

50 Years of Friendship: New Zealand and Samoa FDC

50 Years of Friendship: New Zealand and Samoa Mini-sheet

50 Years of Friendship: New Zealand and Samoa Presentation Pack

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