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New Zealand Postal Services 2012 Issue
Designed by Dave Burke Design, Auckland, New Zealand

Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art

The New Zealand Postal Service has issued six new stamps that have postage values of 70c, $1.40, $1.90, $2.40 and $2.90 named "Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art" on the 6th of June 2012. These six new stamps depict Maori rock art that is visible throughout the country of New Zealand. Only six were selected but there are over 500 documented in Te Waipounamu (the South Island) alone. The style of Maori rock art is similar to that from wider Polynesia, suggesting that it was a practice brought to New Zealand by its earliest people. Maori rock art gives a glimpse of New Zealands history and culture; and this issue of stamps portray the animals in there day that are now long extinct, plus representation of everyday life, and depictions of the supernatural. Each of the stamps are listed in the table below with a brief description:

  • 70c - Pouakai, Pareora(top left) - is a part-human and part-bird figure that has small birds on its outstretched wings.
  • 70c - Tiki, Maerewhenua(top right) - this work is drawn on the ceiling of a small limestone shelter and depicts a seated tiki figure.
  • $1.40 - Mokihi Opili - is two people on a watercraft made from raupo that is used to navigate fast-flowing rivers.
  • $1.90 - Te Puawaitanga - is interpreted as a kiwi chick within an eggshell.
  • $2.40 - Tiki Te Ana a Wal - this figure may symbolize the people of the time.
  • $2.90 - Taniwham, Opihi - this drawing captures the supernatural taniwha.

"Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art" stamps can be purchase as singles, Set of 6, Mini-sheet, Sheets of 25, Assorted blocks, Presentation Pack, a special Limited Edition issue, and FDC. The size of the each stamp is 30mm x 40mm with a perforation size of 13.33 x 13.60 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by Southern Colour Print Ltd. using the offset Lithography printing process with Tullis Russell 210gms self adhesive paper. The miniature sheets used the same print process but used 104gsm gummed paper.

Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art Mini-sheet

Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art FDC

Matariki 2012-Maori Rock Art Presentation Pack

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