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New Zealand Postal Service 2004 Issue
Design by Donna Mckenna

New Zealand Zoo Animals - Year of the Monkey

New Zealand Postal Service will issue 5 new stamps that have postage values of 40c, 90c, $1.30, $1.50 and $2.00 named "New Zealand Zoo Animals - Year of the Monkey" on the 28th of January 2004. The stamps depict five different New Zealand Zoo Animals that are being nurtured in New Zealand Zoos today. Each of the animals shown on the stamps are listed as endangered species and is described as follows:

  • Hamadryas Baboon (40c Papio hamadryas hamadryas) - can be found in Somalia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. They live in male-dominated communities of 100 or more with each male caring for up to 10 females. At night they move to high areas to reduced the threat of predator attacks.
  • Malayan Sun Bear (90c Helarctos malayanus) - a native of Asia's dense tropical and subtropical forests. It grows to a size of 1.2 to 1.5 meters in length. It feeds mostly at night and stays high up in the trees during the day to avoid predator attacks.
  • Red Panda ($1.30 Ailurus fulgens fulgens) - feeds mainly on bamboo leaves found in the Himalayas. But because the bamboo forest are disappearing through deforestation, there existence is under threat.
  • Ring-tailed Lemur ($1.50 Lemur catta) - The Ring-tailed Lemur is easily recognize by its extra long tail. It comes from rocky, scrubby areas in Madagascar where it prefers to live in trees and feed on figs and bananas. When being groomed or petted, they make a purring sound like a pet cat.
  • Spider Monkey ($2.00 Ateles geoffroyi vellerosus) - a tree-dweller that uses it long tail to grasp branches as it swings through the trees. It can move up to nine meters with one swing. It mainly lives in the rainforests of southern Mexico and Central America. It average life span is about 25 years.

"New Zealand Zoo Animals - Year of the Monkey" stamps can be purchased separately or as a single mint set, Blocks, Miniature sheet, Presentation pack, Sheets of 25 with five gutter images, Booklets of 10 or coil of 100 (40c self adhesive only), or FDC. Each stamp size is 40 mm x 30 mm (except for 40c booklet and coil) with a perforation size of 13. The stamps will be printed by Cater Security Printing, France using the 4 color offset printing process with 102 g/meter square red phosphor paper for the gummed stamps, and JAC self-adhesive paper for the booklet and coil stamps.

New Zealand Zoo Animals - Year of the Monkey FDC

New Zealand Zoo Animals - Year of the Monkey
Presentation Pack

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