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Irish Postal Service will issue 4 new Irish Sailing stamps on the 5th day of September 2001. The stamps honor the history of sailors and their sailing vessels. Those sailors who risk their lives in the days of discovery when they search the oceans for land. And those who sail their sailing vessels for sport. Today, almost 20,000 people are regular sailors in Ireland, with thousands more taking part as crew or at local sailing courses. The four boats feature in this issue are as follows:
RUFFIAN 23 - is featured on the 30p/38c stamp. It is a modern day fibre-glass designed boat. Popular in Dublin Bay and in Baltimore Co. Cork, where they are built. They are also popular in Hong Kong.
HOWTH 17 - is featured on the 32p/41c stamp. It is a three man sailboat that is popular among Irish sailors. It has a wooden clinker built hull and features a colorful topsail. This yacht is one of the oldest built in Ireland, with an almost 100 years pedigree.
THE GLEN - is featured on a 45p/57c se-tenant pair. Two of the boats are shown on the stamp. It is a common cabin cruiser seen in Irish waters. This 23 foot wooden yacht originated in the early part of the 20th Century in Stangford Lough and is now seen at most marinas around Ireland.
1720 SPORTSBOAT - is featured on the 45p/57c se-tenant pair. It's a yacht design by Tony Castro in association with the Royal Cork Yacht Club. A five man crew is needed to sail this state of the art 28 foot boat, and is noted for its speed.
This issue can be purchase as singles, sheetlet of 16, souvenir sheet, or FDC's. The printing process used to print the stamps is Lithography with Multicolors and phosphor tagging. Perforation size is 14 x 15 and the stamp size is 29.8mm x 40.64mm. These stamps can also be purchase in boxes of 100 or strips of 4 with self-adhesive gum.

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