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Ireland Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Wendy Shea and Q Design

Love Stamps 2004

Ireland Postal Service has issued 4 new stamps with a postage value of 48 cents each named "Love Stamps 2004" on the 30th of January 2004. The stamps depict 4 different smiling happy lovable animals with expressions of greetings and love. The animals featured on the stamps are cartoon representation of Monkeys in Love, Cute Koalas bears, Jolly Panda bear and Happy Hippo. A Mini-sheet is also available which is shown below on a FDC.

"Love Stamp 2004" stamps can be purchased as a single stamp set, Sheetlets of 16 stamps, Self-adhesive booklets of 10, Mini-sheet or various FDC's. Each gummed stamp size will be 29.8mm x 40.64mm with a perforation size of 14 x 15. The gummed stamps will be printed by Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd and the Self-adhesive stamps will be printed by Post Logistics-Sprintpak. Each printer will use the Multi-colored Lithography printing process with phosphor tagging paper. The quantity printed of each will be 320,000 of the 48 cent love stamps, 100,000 Greeting Booklets and 35,000 Year of the Monkey Lunar Pane Minisheet.

Love Stamps 2004 Mini-sheet FDC

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