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Ireland Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Vincent Killowry

Centenary of Flight

The Ireland Postal Service will issued four new stamps and a mini-sheet with a postage value of 0,41, 0,50, 0,57 and 5.00 Euro named "Centenary of Flight" on the 29th of July 2003. The two different 0,57 Euro stamps will be issued as a Se-Tenant pair. This stamp set honors the Wright Brothers who were the first to design and fly an air plane. It was on December 17th 1903 when the brothers created aviation history. It happen in Kittyhawk, North Carolina USA when their 12 horse power bi plane "Flyer I" raised itself by its own power and flew through the air and then landed. The longest flight recorded was 59 seconds with this flyer. In 1904, Flyer II was built and it circled a flying field several times covering a distance of three miles. Finally in 1909 the brothers opened an aircraft production company and began selling aircraft to the Military and commercial companies.

The "Centenary of Flight" stamps can be purchased as a single set. Three different sheets of 16, FDC, Mini-Sheet, or Presentation Pack. The size of each stamp is 40.64mm x 29.8mm with a perforation size of 14 x 15. Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd will print the multicolor stamps using the Lithography printing process with phosphor tagging. A quantity of 400,000 of the 0,41 Euro, 300,000 of the 0,50 Euro and 400,000 of the 0,57 Euro stamps will be printed. And a quantity of 50,000 mini-sheets will be printed.

Centenary of Flight Mini Sheet

Centenary of Flight FDC

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