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Ireland Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Steve Simpson

Myths and Legends

The Ireland Postal Service will issue two new Se-tennant stamp pairs that have postage values of 55 and 82 cents named "Myth and Legends" on the 13th of September 2012. These four new stamps depict four of the most popular Irish Myths and Legends tales. Each of the stamps and the stories behind them is listed below:

The top left stamp depicts four swans flying through the air which are really children. They were turn into swans because they were the children of their father Lir's former wife. Lir's new wife Aoife was so jealous of Lir's former wife and of the love between the 4 children and their father that she changed the children into swans. They were condemned to live as swans until the bell of a new God tolled. Almost 900 years later, the bell rang out and the children changed back into human form and aged very rapidly and died. The name of this myths and legends story is The Children of Lir.
The top right stamp depicts a couple that fled their home because of their love for each other. This myths and legends story is one of the best-loved tales from pre-Christian Ireland. Conor MacNessa who was the king of the land wanted to marry a women name Deirdre who was very beautiful. However, Deirdre had fallen in love with a man named Naoise and they had to flee to Scotland to escape the wrath of the king. However, the king was very wise and tricked them to returned to Ireland. Upon there returned the king had Naoise slain. Stricken with grief Deirdre killed herself. The name of this myths and legends story is Deirdre of Sorrows.
The bottom left stamp depicts a boy with a salmon and a wise man. In this story the boy is searching for the Salmon of Knowledge in the river Boyne. Whoever would catch this salmon of knowledge and take first bite of it would receive all the knowledge in the world. After many years the boy and the wise man finally caught the salmon and began to cook it. While the salmon was being cooked Fionn the boy touched it and burnt his thumb and without thinking put it in his mouth to cool. Upon doing so he received the knowledge of the world. The name of this myths and legends tale is Fionn Mac Cumhaill
The bottom right stamp depicts a boy name Setanta who was playing ball when a vicious guard dog attack him. Setanta who was very strong as a child was able to kill the dog that belong to a blacksmith named Culann. When Culann learned of his guard dog being killed he was very angry at Setanta. To cool the blacksmith Culann anger. Setanta offer to guard Culann himself until a new guard dog could be found. As the word spread about Setanta being a guard for Culann. His name was then know as Cu Chulainn - the hound of Culann. The name of this myths and legends tale is The story of Setanta

"Myths and Legends" stamps can be purchase as 55 cents Se-tennant stamps, and 82 cents Se-tennant stamps, 55 cents Se-tennant sheet of 16, and 82 cents Se-tennant sheet of 16, and FDC. The size of each stamp is 40.64mm x 29.79mm with a perforation size of 15 x 14 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by Irish Security Stamp Printing Ltd. using the Lithography printing process.

Myth and Legends FDC and FDC Stamp

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