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Ireland Postal Service 2002 Issue
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Rock Legends Stamps

Ireland Postal Service has issued four new Rock Artists stamps on the 17th of October 2002. The name of the set is "Rock Legends." Each of the stamps depict a different Rock Star with a postage value of 41 cents, 57 cents, and a special mini sheet for each artist with a postage value of 2 Euro. The following Rock Stars are feature:

Phil Lynott stamp with a postage value of 41 cents was the prime mover in Thin Lizzy, who were one of Ireland's first successful worldwide rock groups. Phil Lynott died on the 4th January 1986 and was only 34. The stamp Portrays Phil in a macho pose that will be well recognized by fans everywhere.
U2 with a postage value of 41 cents is a mega group that sprang from Dublin in 1976. From their first album 'Boy' to the present day albums, they have stormed popular rock music throughout the world. They are one of Ireland's most successful worldwide rock groups. The stamp design is based on an iconic photo which portrays the raw style of U2.
Rory Gallagher stamp with a postage value of 57 cents was one of the first Irish blues artists to get International recognition. He became famous playing with the band Taste. But Taste broke up in 1970 and Rory continued touring and recording until his death in 1995. The stamp depicts Rory in one of his trademark blues performances which will bring back fond memories for those lucky enough to have seen him perform live.
Van Morrison stamp with a postage value of 57 cents was born in 1945 into a family deep into Jazz and blues. He was involved in music throughout his life and began a successful solo career in 1966, producing a string of hit Albums. His unconventional look for a pop star is captured on the stamp design

The Rock Legends stamps can be purchase as a single set, Sheet of 16, Mini sheet for each artists, FDC for each artists, FDC with stamp set, Presentation pack for each artists, Sheet of 8 se-tenants sets or 16 stamps. Each stamp size is 36 mm x 36 mm and each Minisheet size is 150 mm x 90 mm. Perforations size is 14 x 15 and the stamps have a gummed back. The Printer is Walsall Security Printers LTD using the Lithography printing process with multicolor and phosphor tagging. Only 50,000 x 4 minisheets will be printed.

Rock Legends Mini Sheets

Rock Legends FDC

U2 Rock Legends Presentation Packs

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