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Ireland Postal Services 2011 Issue
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Introduction of Irish Animals and Marine Life Stamp Coil

The Ireland Postal Service has issued two new definitive coil stamps with postage values of 0.55 Euro named "Introduction of Irish Animals and Marine Life Stamp Coil" on the 29th of September 2011. The stamps feature two of the species that can be found here in Ireland, one is the Red Squirrel, the other is the Bottlenose Dolphin. They are being issued to remind the public about the importance of biodiversity in Ireland and how unique and delicate it is. That’s why, it’s essential to protect and maintain it as much as possible, for it is only through such a richness of life on Earth that we can survive. A short description of each stamp is listed below:

  • Red Squirrel - has a chestnut colored upper body with buff to cream underside. It reside in woodland that contains a fair proportion of conifer trees.
  • Bottlenose Dolphin - is typically 3m to 4m in length and extremely active. It is best known for bow-riding, breaching and somersaulting through the air.
The first day cover features images of a Sea Slug and a Golden Eagle and also shows an example of a coil.

"Introduction of Irish Animals and Marine Life Stamp Coil" stamps can be purchase as a pair, Roll of 100, or FDC. The size of the stamps is 25mm x 30mm with a perforation size of 13 x 13 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by Ashton Potter Security Printers using the Lithography printing process.

Introduction of Irish Animals and Marine Life Stamp Coil FDC

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