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Ireland Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Finbarr O'Connor

Ireland Postal Service issued four new stamps on the 9th of July, 2002. These new stamps commemorate the 1000th Anniversary of Brian Boru's High Kingship of Ireland. Each stamp depicts a different event in the life of Brian Boru:

  • The 41c shows Brian the King leading his troops into battle.
  • The 44c shows Brian as a naval commander.
  • The 57c shows the submission of O'Neill to Brian.
  • The 1 Euro shows Brian decreeing Armagh as the primacy of the Irish Church.
Brian Boru's is an important part of Ireland history. In 914 invaders were able to gain strongholds in his kingdom. Brian Boru's controlled the southern half of the country while the invading kings controlled the northern half. The northern kings were relentless in their aggressive campaign to control the entire country. But in 1000, Brian Boru seized Dublin and in 1014 he conquered the kings of the north. He was now know as the "Imperator Scotorum" (Emperor of Ireland).
The Brian Boru issue can be purchase as a mint set, sheets of 16, or FDC. Each stamp size is 40.64 mm x 29.8 mm with a perforation size of 14 x 15. Printing process use is Lithography. Phosphor tagging used for authentication.


41c Sheet of 16

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