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Ireland Postal Services 2008 Issue
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Filmed in Ireland

Ireland Postal Service has issued four new stamps with postage values of 0.55 and 0.82 Euro named "Filmed in Ireland" on the 8th of July 2008. These stamps depict images from recent films produced in Ireland. Each of the films and the actor depicted on the stamp is described in the list below:

  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley (Left) - featuring Cillian Murphy fighting in the Irish Civil War of Independence. Directed by Ken Loach in 2006 this film was awarded the Palme D'Or at the year's Cannes Film Festival
  • Cre na Cille (2nd from Left) - featuring Brid Ni Neachtain in a film that tells the story of a deceased women who continues her feud with her sister beyond the grave. Directed by Robert Quinn this film was selected for screening at the 2007 Shanghai International Film Festival.
  • Kings (3 from Left) - featuring Colm Meaney in a film based on Jemmy Murphy's play "The Kings of the Kilburn Road" A story of young Irish men in the mid-70's. The men leave Connemara for London and are reunited 30 years later for a friend's funeral. It won the best foreign-language film in the 2008 Academy Awards.
  • Garage (Right) - featuring Pat Shortt in a film that shows a loney petrol station worker's attempts to engage with the world around him. Directed by Lenny Abrahamson this film received four awards at the 2008 Irish Film and Television Awards.

"Filmed in Ireland" stamps can be purchased in a set of 4, Sheets of 12, Mini-sheet, Prestige Booklet or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 27mm x 72.93mm and has a perforation size of 15 x 14 using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Irish Security Printing Ltd. using the Lithography printing method.

To order these stamps or to learn more go to Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert currency.

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