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Ireland Postal Services 2005 Issue
Design by Vicent Killowry & Paul Raftery

Tall Ships

Ireland Postal Service will issue three new stamps that have postage values of 48, 60 & 65 cents named "Tall Ships" on the 4th of July 2005. The stamps depict three ships that will compete in the Tall Ships Race this year in Waterford, Ireland. Festivities for the event will begin on the 6th of July 2005 with almost 100 ships sailing down the Suir with the Irish sail training vessel Asgard II leading the Parade of Sail. On July 9th the tall ships will then set off on the first leg of the race: Waterford to Cherbourg. From Cherbourg the fleet will cruise together to Newcastle in the North of England, and on 28th of July commence the second and final leg of the race across to Fredrikstad in Norway, finishing on 3 August. Featured Ships in the race depicted on the stamps are:

  • Dunbrody (48 Cents) - this ship weights in at a hefty 458 tons and is 176 feet long with a sail area of 10,100 sq. ft. It is a reconstruction of the original cargo vessel "Dunbrody" built in Quebec in 1845.
  • Tenacious (60 Cents) - the largest Tall Ship in the world was built between 1996 and 2000. It was built specifically to allow physically disabled people to experience the thrill of sailing this type of vessel. Special design features allow a disabled crew to work independently alongside their able-bodied shipmates including wheelchair users.
  • Eagle (65 Cents) - built in 1936, this huge 295 ft. three-masted Barque with a sail area of over 21,000 sq. ft. and over 5 miles of rope (rigging) serves as a seagoing classroom for approximately 175 cadets and instructors from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy.

"Tall Ships" stamps can be purchased as a set of 3, Three sheets of 16, Presentation pack, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 36mm x 36mm with a 13.5 Perforation size. The stamps will be printed by Irish Security Stamp Printing, Ltd. using the Lithography printing process. A quantity of 333,000 of the 48 cents, 280,000 of the 60 cents, and 280,000 of the 65 stamps will be printed.

Tall Ships FDC

Tall Ships FDC Stamp

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