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Irish Philatelic Service 2001 Issue
By Finbarr O'Connor

Irish postal service has issued four new stamps on the 10th of July 2001. The stamps represent the battle of Kinsale in 1601, also known as a part of the nine year war. The war was a rebellion against Queen Elizabeth 1st. On Christmas Eve morning 1601, over 5000 Irishmen marched in three divisions toward Kinsale. Lord Mountjoy the English commander in Kinsale who knew about the Irish advance. Sent out 2000 horsemen and foot soldiers against the advancing Irish. The battle began at dawn when the English cavalry attacked one regiment a mile and a half west of Kinsale. But because one of the Irish divisions was far to the rear, and the other to the right. The English were able to break up the Irish advance and win the day. The stamps display the Irish, English and Spanish troops, plus a view of the mediaeval town of Kinsale.
These stamps can be purchase in three different panes. One pane consists of the two 38 cents stamps that are issue as a Se-Tenant pair, and come in a pane of 16. The 41 cents is issued in a 16 stamp pane, and the 57 cents is issued in a 16 stamp pane. First Day Cover and the Collector sheet show on this page is also available. The printing process used to print the stamps is Lithography. They are colored with multicolor phosphor for tagging, and have a 14 x 15 perforations

To order your set go to and open a collectors account. Use the Universal currency conversion tool at to convert Irish Lira to your currency.

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