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Iceland Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Hany Hadaya


The Iceland Postal Service will issue a new stamp that has a postage value of 45 ISK named "Reindeer" on the 9th of October 2003. This reindeer stamp is a reminder to the world that the first reindeer were transported to Iceland from Norway and Finland in the late 18th century. Iceland imported the reindeer to help support the farmer. But this never occurred, so the reindeer just roam the wild. The reindeer stock grew steadily in Iceland but then started to decline to nearly 100 animals in the forties. But after a few decades, the stock recovered to almost 3600 reindeer. Today, hunting reindeer in Iceland is subject to strict regulation. The reindeer are still roaming the wild in Iceland and eat grasses, sedges, mushrooms and moss.

The "Reindeer" stamp can be purchased as a mint single stamp, sheet of 10 or FDC. The size of each stamp is 26mm x 40mm. Cartor s/a will print the stamps using the Offset Lithography printing process.

FDC Stamp

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