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Iceland Postal Services 2012 Issue
Design by Hlynur Olafsson

Iceland Art III

The Iceland Postal Service will issue four new stamps that have postage values of 120 and 125 ISK domestic rate, and 175 ISK to Europe, and 230 ISK outside Europe named "Iceland Art III" on the 1st of November 2012. These new stamps depict 4 different art works that were created by four different famous Icelandic artist. Each is describes in the list below:

  • Guomundur Thorsteinsson (top left)- was know for his fine landscape paintings, but his real passion was to paint pictures of ordinary people in all sorts of situations.
  • Kristin Jonsdottir (top right)- was the first Icelandic women to turn professional painter. She created her works from the world around us.
  • Juliana Sveinsdottir (bottom left) - began her career as a landscape painter but it time she turn to developed painting of nature.
  • Nina Saemundsson (bottom right) - was Icelands first women sculptor. She created modern sculptures based on traditions.
"Icelandic Art III" stamps can be purchase as singles, Sheets of 10, Gift folder and various FDCs. The size of each stamp is 40mm x 30mm with a perforation size of 14 x 13 1/4 using the 2cm reference. The size of the Gift folder is 21mm x 14.8mm. The stamps will be printed by Joh. Enschede using the Offset Lithography printing method with PVA 110gms paper. Quantity printed of each is:
  • 50g domestic(120 ISK) - 140,000
  • 100g domestic(125 ISK) - 100,000
  • 50g to Europe(175 ISK) - 120,000
  • 50g outside Europe(230 ISK) - 100,000

Iceland Art III FDC and FDC Stamp

Iceland Art III Gift Folder

Iceland Art III Sheets of 10

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