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Iceland Postal Services 2012 Issue
Designed by Orn Smari Gislason/Sveinn Speight(photo)

Icelandic Contemporary Design III

The Iceland Postal Service has issued four new stamps that have a postage value of 97, 110, 175, and 230ISK named "Iceland Contemporary Design III" on the 22nd of March 2012. These new stamps feature some of the fashion that Icelandic designer have created recently. Each stamp and its designer is listed below:

  • The 50g domestic (97ISK) stamp depicts shoes that were created by a company named KronKron. Their shoe lines have been reviewed and were characterized as joy and romance with creative use of colors.
  • The 100g domestic (110ISK) stamp depicts a dress designed by Steinunn Sigurdardottir. Reviewers note that her design is rooted in the national knitting tradition.
  • The 50g Europe (175ISK) stamp depicts a Icelandic wool sweater that was designed by Bergthora Gudnadottir of the Farmers Market fashion company.
  • The 50g Outside Europe (230ISK) stamp depicts an innovative design by 66 Degree North. The company has received numerous awards for design and marketing. Among their products are clothing for police, firefighters and rescue workers.

"Icelandic Contemporary Design III" stamps can be purchase as singles, Sheets of 10, and FDCs. The size of the each stamp is 56mm x 23mm with a perforation size of 13 using the 2cm reference. They were printed by the Lowe-Martin Group using the Offset Lithography printing method with 110gms Tullis Russel paper. Total number of each stamp issued is listed below:

  • 50g domestic (97ISK) is 120,000
  • 100g domestic (110ISK) is 100,000
  • 50g Europe (175ISK) is 200,000
  • 50g Outside Europe (230ISK) is 100,000

Icelandic Contemporary Design III FDCs and FDC Stamp

Icelandic Contemporary Design III Sheets of 10

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