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Iceland Postal Services 2008 Issue
Design by Hlynur Olafsson

International Year of the Planet Earth Mini-sheet

Iceland Postal Service will issue a new miniature sheet with one stamp that has a postage value of 215 ISK named "International Year of the Planet Earth" on the 9th of September 2008. The miniature sheet depicts an image of Iceland taken by the polar orbiting satellite Terra (EOS AM1) owned by NASA. A station for satellite pictures at the University of Dundee in Britain produced the image. The image was taken from a height of 705km on February 28th 2002, at 12:29 GMT, when the satellite was closest to Iceland. Terra orbits Earth over the polar regions 14 times a day.
The International year of Planet Earth is a 2008 international observance declared by the 60th United Nations General Assembly. This project has been designed to increase knowledge of the geological sciences, and will be funded by various activities held between 2007 and 2009. A $20 million goal has be set and will be acquired from the industry and governments. The money will be used to fund research and outreach activities.

"International Year of the Planet Earth" mini-sheet can be purchased as mini-sheet, or FDC. The size of the mini-sheet is 55mm x 100mm . They will be printed by Joh. Ensched Printing using the Offset printing method.

International Year of the Planet Earth Mini-sheet FDC

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