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Iceland Postal Services 2008 Issue
Design by Hany Hadaya

Nordic Mythology III

Iceland Postal Service has issued a new mini-sheet with one stamp that has a postage value of 120 ISK named "Nordic Mythology III" on the 16th of May 2008. This mini sheet is about the old Nordic gods and other supernatural powers that inhabited a mythical realm of their own. A place where humans could feel the presence of them more strongly then any other place. For example at cult sites or burial grounds a person might feel closer to the spiritual world. A place like snaefellsnes where the great sorcerer Barour Snaefesslas is said to have settled in late 9th century A.D. Depicted on this mini-sheet is the area where he practice his mythical magic.

"Nordic Mythology III" can be purchased as a mini-sheet, or FDC. The size of the mini-sheet is 105mm x 70mm. It will be printed by Joh. Enschede using the Offset printing process with 110gsm paper.

Nordic Mythology III FDC and FDC Stamp

Top Of the World Nordic Mythology III Joint Issues

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