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Design by Tryggvi T. Tryggvason

First Day Cover (FDC)

The Iceland Postal Service has issued two new Mushroom stamps on the 17th of January 2002. The stamps feature the two mushrooms listed below:

Brown birch bolete - is a common mushroom found near birch and dwarf birch. It grows during the summer and into the autumn. The dome grows up to 18 cm in diameter and has brownish color. The stems grows up to 20 cm high and is covered in grayish black threads. Its spore dust is grayish brown.
Wood hedgehog - is the most common mushroom in Iceland. It grows in bushes and woods. The dome grows up to 10 cm in diameter and is reddish yellow. It has spines under the dome and down the stem that grow up to .5 cm in length. The stems are short and are lighter in color then the dome.
The stamps can be purchase as singles, booklet of 20, or First Day Cover. The size of the each stamp is 26 x 36 mm. The printing process being used is Offset Lithography.
Brown Birch bolete
Wood hedgehog
Booklet of 20

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