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Guernsey Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Mish Legg

Community Services Fire

Guerney Postal Service has issued six new stamps that have postage values of 26, 32, 36, 40, 45, and 65 Pence named "Community Services - Fire" on the 28th of October 2004. This is the forth issue of Community Services stamps. The preceding three covered the hospital, emergency medical services and the police of Alderney. Each of the new stamps depict a different scene of the modern Alderney Fire department which has come a long way since the first Alderney fire department opened. The first fire department was located in St. Anne and had only two hand-pulled water pumps on Carts, and a shed for a station that had a bell to sound emergencies. Nowadays, the Alderney Fire Service remains manned by volunteers, and has a brand-new headquarters located next to the ambulance station. They also have two simulation training rooms at the airport to sharpen their skills. Each of the stamps is described below:

  • 26p - depicts a fire engine on its way to an emergency.
  • 32p - is a road picture at Fort Tourgix.
  • 36p - relays the fundamental importance of an island airport fire services.
  • 40p - showcases Alderney's new fire station, fitted out with modern technology.
  • 45p - illustrates the essential nature of the training ground at the airport.
  • 65p - highlights a road accident training exercise.

"Community Services - Fire" stamps can be purchased as single stamp, set of 6, Presentation Pack, Prestige Booklet, Sheets of 10, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 30.48mm x 35.49mm with a perforation size of 14.4 The stamps will be printed by Walsall Security Printers using the Offset lithography printing process with 110 grams per meter square PVA adhesive paper.

Community Services - Fire Sheets

Community Services - Fire FDC Stamp

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