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Guernsey Postal Service 2004 Issue
Designed by Andrew Robinson

Migrating Birds

Guernsey Postal Service will issue six new stamps with postage values of 26p, 32p, 36p, 40p, 45p, & 65p named "Migrating Birds" on the 29th of July 2004. The stamps depict various pictures of passerines birds. A species that is sometimes know as perching birds, or less accurately, as songbirds. Each of these birds migrate to Alderney during different parts of the year. They enjoy the endless rugged bays and commons that surround the Alderney coastline. Alderney's birdwatchers enjoy an abundance of migratory stopovers in Alderney and these six popular passerines are only a few they enjoy. Each bird and their migratory habits is described below:

  • Wheatear (26p) - found on Alderney's Braye Common. This small ground dwelling bird hops or runs across the ground feeding on insects and larvae. It migrates to Alderney in the summer and can be seen between March and October.
  • Redstart (32p) - found along the coastal areas of Alderney. This bird spends little time on the ground and prefers to perch in areas of woodland and hedges. It can usually been seen in Alderney from April to September.
  • Yellow Wagtail (36p) - found in damp pastures and marshy areas like Alderney's Saye Baye. This bird wags its tail from time to time and is usually walking or running on the ground in search of flies and beetles. It migrates to Alderney in the summer and spends its winters in Africa.
  • Hoope (40p) - found in many areas of Alderney and has an appetite for large insects. They are excellent runners and they fly in an erratic path like butterflies.
  • Ring Ouzel (45p) - found in short grassy areas near crags, gullies and boulders such as Fort Clonque in Alderney. Its diet consists of insects and berries, and it usually migrates to Alderney in March or April and leaves in September.
  • Sand Martin (65p) - found in many areas of Alderney and is a very agile flier. It spend its winters in the Sahel region of Africa and can usually be seen in Alderney between March and October.

"Migrating Birds" stamps can be purchased as a Mint Set, Presentation Pack, Souvenir Sheet, Sheets of 10 Set, or FDC's. The size of each stamp is 31mm square with a perforation size of 14 x 13 1/4. The stamps will be printed by Joh. Enschedé using the Offset Lithography printing process using 110gms unwatermarked PVA Adhesive paper.

Migrating Birds Sheets of 10

Migrating Birds FDC Stamp

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