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Guernsey Postal Service 2003 Issue
Design by Karl Taylor

HMS Guernsey

The Guernsey Postal Service has issued a new mini sheet with one stamp that has postage value of 1.50 pounds named "HMS Guernsey" on the 10th of April 2003. The stamp depicts a map of Guernsey and a front view picture of the HMS Guernsey which is one of the Royal Navy's Offshore Division's Island Class patrol vessels. It's mission is to patrol the waters around Guernsey protecting offshore oil and gas installations and the fishing limits of the United Kingdon. The 270,000 sq miles of British Fishery Limits are rich with marine life and the HMS Guernsey protects these waters from unauthorized fishing vessels. If a unauthorized fishing vessel is caught within the British Fishery Limits, the boat is boarded and the crew arrested and escorted to the nearest port and taken to court. Fines can be up to 50,000 pounds plus the loss of gear and the catch. Other task for the HMS Guernsey is to look out for possible terrorism threats, search and rescue, anti-pollution operations, assisting fishermen with problems like engine failure and working with Customs. The HMS Guernsey will be decommissioned later this year after 25 years of service.

The HMS Guernsey mini-sheet can be purchased as a single mini sheet, Presentation pack, or FDC. The stamp size measures 61.12 mm x 70 mm (vertical) and the sheet size measures 84mm x 118mm (landscape). The stamps will be printed by De La Rue Printers using the Offset Lithography printing process with 110gms unwatermarked paper and PVA adhesive. The perforation size is 14.

HMS Guernsey FDC Stamp

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