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Guernsey Postal Service 2003 Issue
Designed by Nick Watton

Memories of World War II-1943
Operation Tunnel

Guernsey Postal Service will issued five new stamps on the 30th of January 2003 named "Memories of World War II." Each of the five stamps depict two major events in World War II.

The first is the legendary Dambusters Raid on the night of May 16th and 17th in 1943. It became known as one of the most brilliant air attacks of the Second World War. The Dambusters consisted of crews of Specially-formed 617 Squadron, RAF, who flew nineteen converted, four-engine Avro Lancaster bombers. They destroyed the Ruhr Valley dams with a revolutionary bouncing bomb. Destruction of these dams cause widespread flooding and interrupted industry, communications and utility services. Enemy forces had to deploy troops and weapons to repair the dams. The attack had a enormous effect on the morale of the British and their Allies. Each of the stamps that feature the Dambusters raid are listed below:

  • Dambusters Raid, 22p - shows crew walking to their aircraft prior to take-off.
  • Dambusters Raid, 27p - shows three bombers crossing the English coast.
  • Dambusters Raid, 36p - a Lancaster bomber dodging enemy searchlights.
  • Dambusters Raid, 40p - Lancaster bombers dropping the bouncing bomb.

The second event happen in the English Channel during "Operation Tunnel." On the 23th October 1943, the HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne were torpedoed and sunk in the bay of St Malo. HMS Charybdis was a anti-aircraft cruiser. It lost 460 of her crew. HMS Limbourne was a destroyer on convoy duty protecting HMS Charybdis. Many of the men on these ships washed ashore in Guernsey. The Occupying Germans buried these men with full military honors. Over 5,000 people attended the funeral at Le Foulon Cemetery in St. Peter Port. The 1.50 pound stamp features the HMS Charybdis and the HMS Limbourne.

The Memories of World War II stamps can be purchased as a single set, FDC, or Presentation Pack. Each of the stamp sizes for the Dambusters Raid measures 31.75mm x 31.75mm with a perforation size of 14. The HMS Charybdis and HMS Limbourne stamp size is 31.75mm x 40.64mm with a perforation size of 14. The sheets for each of these stamps contain 50 stamps. House of Questa will print these stamps using Offset Lithography printing process using 110 gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive paper.
Memories of World War II 1943
Dambusters Raid

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