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Guernsey Postal Services 2009 Issue
Designed by Raymond Evison

Raymond Evison's Wild Flora 2

The Guernsey Postal Service has issued 10 new stamps with postage values of 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, 5p, 6p, 7p, 8p, 9p and 3 Pounds named "Raymond Evison's Wild Flora 2 " on the 28th of May 2009. These stamps feature 10 of the 449 different species of wild flowers found in the most southerly point of the British Isles during January. Guernsey is blessed with a favorable climate that provides a variety of natural habitats which include: wetlands, woodlands, hedgerows, and Shorelines and some areas that have a combination of these environments. The resulting wild flowers provide an impressive display whatever the season. Each of the flowers shown on each stamp is listed below:

  • Common Poppy Papaver Rhoeas (3 Pound)
  • Stinking Onion Allium Triquetrum (1p)
  • Common Mallow Malva Sylvestris (2p)
  • Primrose Primula Vulgaris (3p)
  • Loose-flowered Orchid Anacamptis Laxiflora (4)
  • Common Centaury Centaurium Erythaea(5p)
  • Yellow Horned-Poppy Glaucium Flavum (6p)
  • Sea Kale Crambe Maritima (7p)
  • Bluebell Hyacinthoides non-scripta (8p)
  • Sea Bindweed Calystegia Soldanella (9p)

"Ramond Evison's Wild Flora 2 " can be purchased as a set of 10, Sheets of 50, Presentation Pack or FDC. The size of each stamp is 25.5mm x 30mm for the 1-9p stamps and 30mm x 25.5mm for the 3 pounds stamp. Perforation size is 13.5 for all stamps using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Cartor Security Printers using the Offset Lithography printing process with 110 gsm PVA Adhesive paper.

Raymond Evison's Wild Flora 2 FDC

Raymond Evison's Wild Flora 2 FDC Stamp

Raymond Evison's Wild Flora 2 Presentation Pack

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