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Guernsey Postal Services 2007 Issue
Design by Karl Taylor, Alex Wallace, Nick Despres

SEPAC 2007 Sea Guernsey

Guernsey Postal Service has issued six new stamps that have postage values of 32, 37, 45, 48, 50 and 71 pence named "SEPAC 2007 Sea Guernsey" on the 1st of October 2007. These stamps are the first joint issue by the Guernsey Post and the Small European Postal Administration Cooperation (SEPAC). This New series will begin a new collection that features scenery from all over Europe. To start off this series the Guernsey Post and SEPAC have issued the following stamps:

  • St Peter Port Harbour (32p) - this port is considered the hub of Guernsey. It is constantly alive with both freight and passenger ferries from the south coast of England and France.
  • Rocquaine Bay (37p) - located on the west coast of Guernsey features the Martello Tower which houses a shipwreck museum.
  • Point Roberts (45p) - located on Guernsey sister island named Sark Island features a lighthouse on a cliff at dusk.
  • Privately Own Property (48p) - depicts a small piece of privately own property on the shoreline of Sark Island.
  • Vazon Shoreline (50p) - features wooden poles along the shoreline used to help protect the sea wall at Vazon from the powerful sea.
  • Fontenelle Bay (71) - depicts a shoreline of smooth pebbles.

"SEPAC 2007 Sea Guernsey" stamps can be purchased as a set of 6, Sheet of 50, Presentation Pack, or FDC. The size of the stamps are 26.8mm x 45mm with a perforation of 13.5 x 13.75 using the 2cm reference. They will be printed by Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei using the offset lithography printing process with 110 gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive paper.

SEPAC 2007 Sea Guernsey FDC

SEPAC 2007 Sea Guernsey Presentation Pack

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