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Guernsey Postal Services 2005 Issue
Design by Shaun Shackleton

Battle of Trafalgar

Guernsey Postal Service has issue six new stamps that have postage values of 26p, 32p, 36p, 40p, 45p and 60p named "Battle of Trafalgar" on the 9th of May 2005. The six stamps depict the people, events, and ships that play a role in the battle. It all began on the 16th of May 1803 when the treaty of Amiens failed and Britain again declared war on France. Then in January of 1805 Spain declared war against Great Britain and joined forces with the French. They both engaged the British fleet at Cadiz in Mid October. Nelson the commander and chief of the British Mediterranean fleet signals the fleet at 11:00 hours with the famous "England expects that every man will do his duty" signal, and then the French opened fire and the bloody battle commenced. About two hours into the battle a French Sharpshooter on the topmast of the Redoutable pulled the trigger and hit Nelson mortally wounding him. But the battle was now at its height, and a devastating victory for the British Fleet was clearly within sight. The French and Spanish line of ships have been severely crushed and were just holding on. The battle master's architect, Nelson, would never share in the victory with his heroic fleet. Each of the stamps is described below

  • Admiral Horatio-Nelson (26p)
  • HMS Victory (32P)
  • Enemy in Sight (36p)
  • The Fall of Nelson (40p)
  • Breaking the Line (45p)
  • Admiral De Saumarez (65p)

"Battle of Traflagar" stamps can be purchased as a set of 6, Sheets of 10, Presentation Pack, Booklet, or FDC. The size of each stamp is 30mm square with a Perforation size of 14 x 13 1/4. The stamps will be printed by Joh. Enschede using the Offset Lithography printing process with 110 gsm unwatermarked PVA adhesive paper.

Battle of Trafalgar FDC Stamp

Battle of Trafalgar Sample Sheet (1 of 6)

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