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Guernsey Postal Service 2002 Issue
Design by Nick Watton

Alderney Lights

On the 30th of July 2002 the Guernsey Postal Administration will issue 5 new stamps called Alderney Lights. The stamps celebrate a half-century of Electrification of the light in the Les Casquets lighthouse. The Les Casquets lighthouse light was updated to electric in 1952. Alderney is surrounded by sea and the lighthouses provide the light for ships to pass safely through a group of rocks know as Les Casquets.
Believe it or not years ago shipwrecks were accepted as a part of sailing, a risk that must be taken. As years pass many ships were lost on the Les Casquets rocks. So many in fact that a group of ship-owners suggested to Thomas Le Cocq, the owner of the reef, that he build a lighthouse, suggesting a fee of a halfpenny per ton when one of their vessels passed safely. On June 3, 1923 Le Cocq began to build three separate lighthouses. They were named St. Peter, St Thomas and Donjon. The light houses were set up in a horizontal triangle of glazed towers containing coal fires. They were kept constantly burning by the use of bellows and the diligent attention of the lighthouse-keeper.
Today the Lighthouses are automated and have eliminated the light house keeper. The five stamps issued follow the progress of the lighthouses rather then depicting the building themselves. The stamps concentrate on the methods of lighting the lighthouses. The stamps values and light sources is as follows:

  • 22p 1725 coal-fired type
  • 27p copper-framed oil lantern
  • 36p Argand lamp with metal reflector
  • 45p Revolving apparatus from 1818
  • 65p Electrification in 1952

These stamps can be purchase as a single set, FDC or a Presentation Pack. Each stamp size is 25 mm x 31.25 mm with a perforation size of 12 x 13. The printing process used is Offset Lithography with 102gsm unwatermarked paper with PVA adhesive.

Alderney Lights

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