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Design by Robin Carter

Sheets of 10

The Guernsey Postal Service will issue a new set of clown stamps and sheets on the 6th of February 2002. The stamps feature six circus acts that you might see at the circus. Each of the six stamps with their act and value are listed below:

  • Juggler 22 Pence
  • Clown Smiling 27 Pence
  • Trapeze artist 36 Pence
  • Knife thrower 40 Pence
  • Acrobat 45 Pence
  • High-wire Cyclist 65 Pence
The stamps can be purchase as a set, Presentation pack, First Day Cover, or 10 individual sheets that depict a different circus act with 10 stamps on the sheet. One example of this sheet is shown at the beginning of this newsletter. The size of the each stamp is 25.73 x 33.4 mm. The size of each sheet is 145 x 187 mm. The paper used is 102 gsm (grams per square meter) with a PVA adhesive and no water mark. The printing process being used is Offset Lithography with a perforation size of 14.
Six Stamp Clown Set

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